Advantages of Consuming Natural Foods Instead Of Natural Supplements

Dietary Supplements and The Advantages of Consuming Natural Foods

We’ve seen, read, and heard all the ads for dietary supplements claiming to give you all that you need in just one pill. Science has gotten to a point where we definitely can stuff a lot of natural healthy properties into a single capsule, but does that make it better than just consuming natural foods? What exactly are dietary supplements? Who should take them? And what are the advantages of consuming natural foods instead of dietary supplements?

What are dietary supplements?

These are capsules, powders, gummies, or liquids that contain the vitamins, minerals, fibers, and a whole bunch of other healthy benefit that certain foods possess, but are meant to supplement those foods for an easier and quicker way of getting those great properties into your system.

Who needs dietary supplements?

There is obviously no rule to who and who can’t take supplements as most of these are safe for everyone, save for those with severe allergies or conditions that make them sensitive to certain supplements. A healthy person with a balanced lifestyle would not need the aid of these supplements, however in a bustling world like this, it’s not that easy to have time or even access to all the foods that we really need in order to achieve that equilibrium.

People who would need dietary supplements can range from athletes who need the extra boost, to people who need to compensate for health deficiencies, or people who just really need something that is fast and easy to take in the mornings.

Pros and cons of dietary supplements

Though using dietary supplements sounds like a perfect solution, since they contain nutrients in a very concentrated form, making the needs of your body easily met as opposed to having to find, buy, sometimes cook, then eat the natural foods. However, there are still some limitations alongside those pros, and will tell you why there is still an advantage to consuming natural foods instead of dietary supplements.


  • They’re fast. You don’t need to buy or cook anything. With capsules especially, it’s a one and done deal.
  • You’ve got what you need in just one. You don’t need to search high and low for foods that contain what your body needs when there’s a several-in-one solution for you.
  • They’re cheaper than natural foods. Good, quality foods that will last you a week are going to cost you more than a bottle of supplements that can last you a month. 


  • Imbalance. It’s not natural for your body to be pumped with too much of something. For example, too much Vitamins A can cause problems with your liver.
  • Some supplements are unregulated. This could cause safety issues with consumers, especially vulnerable ones like pregnant women and people with minor to severe health deficiencies.
  • It’s not the same. Though the added nutrients and fibers in a supplement is great for you, it’s just not of the same caliber as what you can find in fresh foods since it’s more natural.

Although dietary supplements are a very convenient way to get what our body needs, it’s simply not at the same level as consuming natural foods is. The vitamins and nutrients are not of the same quality or safety as it is stuffed into a capsule or ground into a powder, plus the fact that our bodies just aren’t made to eat pills or drink liquid powders. We naturally react better to foods than to supplements.

Though both ways separately can be beneficial to our system, a balanced combination of both natural foods and an appropriate dosage of the necessary supplements can help equal an overall well-balanced lifestyle when done in careful moderation.  

About the Author Marie

In my teens, I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome following a devastating sports-related injury. This incident left me with constant pain in my back and my knee. Fast forward to a decade later, I’ve managed to keep my fitness-focused lifestyle in spite of chronic pain. Thanks to testing out different kinds of natural supplements to help me stay active and sane. I am now a self-professed gym rat and workaholic.

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