why does my green tea make me feel sick

Why Does My Green Tea Make Me Feel Sick?

Green tea is often advertised as though it’s straight up magic in a bag. It boasts a multitude of health benefits such as being an aid for weight loss, mental alertness, energy, including helping dental health and being packed with antioxidants and cancer fighting properties.

In spite of all its greatness, there simply isn’t a perfect health solution for everything. Some people still find that drinking green tea makes them feel sick so if you are one of those people, then keep reading to find out some of the reasons why your tea is making you feel the bad kind of green.

1. Caffeine

Caffeine is a great pick-me-up, especially when you’re suffering from major brain fog, but too much of it can cause some irritability, anxiousness, tremors, and even insomnia. All of this along with a headache easily make a person nauseous. Caffeine is also known to have laxative effects so an overstimulated tummy can only contribute to your feeling of sickness.

2. You’re drinking too much!

Seriously, you should only limit yourself to a cup or two a day if you want the appropriate amount of benefits. Too much tea can cause constant urination and even watery stools, leaving you feeling dehydrated which leads to headaches. You can help your body adjust by slowly drinking more and more each day, but you must learn to listen to what your body is telling you and know when enough is enough.

3. You drink it first thing in the morning

If your body is sensitive to stimulants like coffee, liquids, or really consuming anything that isn’t food in the morning, then you should wait until after or during your first meal of the day. When green tea is the first thing your body experiences in the morning, the effects will hit you harder and faster. That means immediate bowel stimulation, a caffeine buzz, sahara-mouth before you’ve even got a chance to shower.

4. Your brew is too strong

Under the FAQ, you’ll find that a common problem is when you brew your green tea for too long, resulting in a tea that is way stronger than it needs to be. That’s why you need to make sure that you brew your tea in water that reaches a temperature just before boiling point, and for only until 3 minutes or less for a milder cup that won’t leave your head buzzing.

5. It’s bad quality

If you’ve bought very cheap tea, old tea, or just poorly handled tea, then you’re sure to feel ill. Good quality tea should be fresh, green in color, with a mildly bitter taste and should be bought from a reputable source. Check to see if what you’ve purchased is a generic box of vague labels about health benefits.

6. Another factor

Perhaps you take supplements like Vitamins in the mornings or maybe even other teas or liquids along with the green tea that make you assume that the green tea is the culprit. It could also be because of an interaction of a certain food or beverage with the green tea that makes you ill.


As every person’s body is different, you’d need to really experiment for yourself the right amount of tea you’re able to handle and when you take it. If you get yourself some good quality loose leaf tea, brew it properly at the right temperature, and drink it after breakfast, then you’ll find that your sickly feeling long gone. If you still find that you’re nauseous, then it might just be that green tea simply isn’t for you and you might want to look into other teas that are also really great for overall health that won’t make you feeling sick.

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