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With The Best Turmeric Supplement, Pain Meds, Begone!

I bet you’re as tired as I am from being a sufferer of sub-par health concerning body aches, energy, focus, and digestion.

Worry not, friends! It’s just our body telling us that our immune system needs a bit of a push. These turmeric supplements are here to help give us that little push in a natural and healthy direction.

I suffer from chronic pain, particularly in my knees and my back. I was also diagnosed with some heart problems from years of smoking. And I know some close friends who have chronic pain as well. 

That’s why I’ve tested these eight best turmeric supplements and carefully reviewed each one so I can give you this list!

Best Turmeric Supplements 

Nature's Nutrition

Good for The Heart

Nature’s Nutrition Turmeric Curcumin Supplement

Price: $$

Helped reduce my constant palpitations, and especially during cardio! I can also sleep much more soundly at night 

Rated by Marie 

Vimerson Health

Best Choice

Vimerson Health Turmeric Curcumin Supplement

Price: $$

The Turmeric Curcumin is an amazing product because of its affordable price considering its excellent quality.

Rated by Marie 

New Chapter

Great For Pain Relief

New Chapter Turmeric Supplement

Price: $$

After six weeks of taking this supplement, I’ve noticed that 80% of my pain has seemingly died down! 

Rated by Marie 

Goodbye, Ibuprofen: Vimerson Health Turmeric Curcumin Supplement

My first pick on this list comes from Vimerson Health for under $12 for 60 capsules. The Turmeric Curcumin is non-GMO and totally vegan with the brand’s turmeric formula of BioPerine (black pepper and curcumin with black pepper), and Curcuma Longa with 95% standardized Curcuminoids.

I took two capsules within a day after meals, as suggested. I wouldn’t recommend taking this on an empty stomach because, even with breakfast, I’ve noticed that my stomach is queasy. This is because turmeric isn’t absorbed easily by the body. So, you can expect quick trips to the bathroom if your tummy is particularly sensitive!

Another thing is that the capsules are rather hefty. You can also smell and taste the peppery ingredient, so they are not at all fun to swallow.

However, the Turmeric Curcumin lives up to its medicinal properties and purpose. It  aided in alleviating the inflammation from my knees and lower back pain. I am a major gym rat, so this helped me do more reps than before I started taking the supplement.

Vimerson Health Turmeric Curcumin Supplement

Five weeks in and 70% of the pain is gone! There was a minimal and tolerable pain, but I only noticed it after a tiring day and from heavy lifting. I have also observed that it eases the discomfort I have from heart palpitations. This, in turn, enables me to have a good night sleep. Moreover, I did not wake up from any pain whatsoever like I used to.

The Turmeric Curcumin is an amazing product because of its affordable price considering its excellent quality. It’s also all natural and vegan!


  • Best quality for the price!
  • Best for inflammation on the list.
  • It’s vegan!


  • May cause upset stomach.
  • Doesn’t go down smoothly.
  • Tastes and smells of pepper.

New Chapter Turmeric Supplement

The second product on my list is 100% pure whole turmeric supplement. It has curcumin and turmerones for optimal absorption. This turmeric supplement is made of 3,960 mg of pure Turmeric rhizome wrapped in veggie capsules for under $35.

First, unlike our number one pick, New Chapter delivers a supplement that doesn’t taste or smell like pepper. It made taking the minimum one capsule a day painless.

I’ve noticed that there is still this common stomach sensitivity issues with the absorption of turmeric. However, the swelling of my knees has gone down, even after a long jog.

After six weeks of taking this supplement, I’ve noticed that 80% of my pain has seemingly died down! It took only a week before I saw real significant changes, particularly in reducing the swelling of my knees. It also significantly contributes to a better sleeping pattern for me!

The New Chapter Turmeric Supplement is probably of high potency. So, although this might not be very budget friendly, it is still a top quality choice. This supplement will save you money in the end!


  • Works fast!
  • Doesn’t have the pepper taste or smell.
  • Easy to swallow.


  • Takes a while to kick in.
  • Makes you go to the bathroom.
  • Pricier than other brands.

Happy Heart, Happy Wallet: Nature’s Nutrition Turmeric Curcumin Supplement

Number three comes from Nature’s Nutrition with black pepper extract. This supplement contains 1,800 mg of turmeric curcumin with 95% curcuminoids and 15mg of the black pepper extract. You can buy this for under $10.

Apparently, my heart suffered due to years of smoking. Nature's Nutrition Turmeric Curcumin Supplement helped reduced my constant palpitations, and especially during cardio! I can also sleep much more soundly at night without waking up from pain.

My knee and back pains have gone down significantly to 70% less noticeable pain.

Sadly, it took at least eight weeks for me to see any notable effect. But this is one factor that will surprise you in the end, considering its benefits because you won’t notice it right off of the bat!

Other than that, you can easily swallow the capsule as it goes down to the throat smoothly.

The supplement has black pepper extract in it, too. This is a great thing because the extract helps in absorption. However, it doesn’t taste great and may cause upset stomach. Another con is that it says “1800mg” per capsule when it means 1800mg per three capsules.

Overall, for a crazily cheap price of under $10, you’d be sleeping well knowing that your heart and wallet are at rest.


  • The best for heart health!
  • Awesome price!
  • Easy to swallow.


  • Tastes and smells of black pepper.
  • Irritates sensitive stomachs because of the black pepper.
  • Misleading advertising.

Swelling Gone: Bio Schwartz’ Turmeric Curcumin with BioPerine Supplement

Next on my list offers us the highest potency possible with 1500 mg (three capsules per serving) for 90 pills.

Bio Schwartz' also has Turmeric Curcumin with 95% of curcuminoids per serving. It doesn't stop there, though. This supplement also has 10mg of BioPerine that is all natural, non-GMO, and preservative-free for under $20.

After three weeks, I noticed some major changes in the constant edema of my knees. Bio Schwartz' Turmeric Curcumin amazed me with nearly 90% of swelling gone, even after doing a 1,000 squat challenge!

I like that the potency is high and that the supplement also worked faster than expected.

Bio Schwartz' says the supplement is for 1500 mg when it means 1500 mg per three capsules. It was a real hassle for me to take one capsule three times a day because I prefer a one-and-done kind of thing with any supplement.

Furthermore, I follow a 16:8 intermittent fasting diet wherein I skip meals. So, this was a real bother for me. When I took this during my fasting hours, I had to haul my butt to the bathroom!

The Bio Schwartz' supplement is still a good choice, though. You have to make sure to take these with food and don’t expect miracles with just one pill a day!


  • Fast-acting supplement.
  • Great for reduced swelling!
  • Highest potency available in the price range.


  • Misleading advertising.
  • Must be taken with meals.
  • Not fast-acting.

Grab A Second Bottle: Nature Made Turmeric Curcumin Supplement

For 60 capsules under $12, Nature Made makes a spot on this list. They offer gluten- and preservative-free turmeric supplement.

This turmeric curcumin supplement is incredible when taken alongside other supplements and vitamins. When I took this on my own, I found out that I needed to consume more than the recommended one capsule a day.

I also realized that I needed to take more than one capsule a day because this supplement doesn’t include BioPrene. Taking at least two pills a day will allow you to experience more of the benefits of turmeric curcumin.

It took me more than a month to notice the pain-reducing effects. However, by that time, I had already consumed most of the capsules in the bottle. But when the benefits kicked in, it was surprising! My knees weren’t aching as much, and my back felt relaxed. And I liked how comfortable my sleep was since ever!

In conclusion, it does work! Just be ready to buy a second bottle if you want to continue experiencing the benefits of the extract.


  • Great sleep.
  • No gluten or preservatives.
  • Great price!


  • Hard to absorb.
  • Need to take more to see the effects.
  • Works best with other supplements, sadly.

Humble Price: Puritan’s Pride Turmeric Supplements

The cheapest on our list, costing barely $9 for 100 capsules, comes from Puritan’s Pride.

I’m proud to say that its low price doesn’t make this an ineffective product.  In fact, the swelling in my knee reduced after three weeks of taking in two capsules a day. Of course, you still need to have your meals before taking it. Don't forget to add up a rigorous exercise, too.

My sleep is undisturbed. The pills also work great with other supplements and vitamins.

A plus to this is that it doesn’t taste like pepper and doesn’t interact with other medications that you might be taking.

I also listed a couple of downsides of this product. First, I needed to go to the bathroom after 20 minutes. Secondly, I needed to take more than recommended to get the full effects. Now, without BioPerine, your body will not easily absorb this supplement unlike the supplements with Bioprene.

However, for greatly reduced swelling at a price like that for 100 capsules? I would have no problem with keeping another bottle with me!


  • Great as an anti-inflammatory!
  • Awesomely cheap price!
  • Highest quantity of capsules.


  • Not as potent as the others on the list.
  • Need to take more to benefit more.
  • Hard absorption, makes you go to the bathroom.

You Pay For Potency: New Chapter Turmeric Supplement

New Chapter comes on this list with a non-GMO, preservative-free veggie capsule that you take once daily. The supplement also has a crazy potency of 3,960 mg of pure turmeric rhizome.

After five weeks, I noticed that 80% of my body pain was gone since I started taking one capsule a day with a meal.

But, it barely took two weeks for me to notice any significant change. When I did, I was delighted with how much faster I was at the gym and how much better I was able to sleep at night. This New Chapter turmeric supplement also helps with stomach cramps if taken with a meal.

Similarly to most on this list, if you take the New Chapter Turmeric supplement on an empty stomach, it will cause a few issues. I experienced gas pains while others felt bloated. Anyway, I felt that I had a lot of its benefits even without black pepper extract.

The New Chapter Turmeric Supplement will set you back nearly $40. But for that potency, why not if you can afford it?


  • High potency!
  • Fast-acting!
  • No black pepper taste or smell.


  • Expensive compared to others on the list.
  • Causes gas pain if not taken with a meal.
  • Very steep price.

Natural Glow: Naturo Sciences Organic Turmeric Supplements

Yep, it’s all in the name! The last entry on this list of the best turmeric supplements is packed with 600 mg of Turmeric Curcumin and BioPerine. The supplement is also non-GMO, dairy-free, and gluten-free for 120 capsules for under $27.

First of all, even with a sensitive stomach (obviously, as you can see from the other reviews on this list), Naturo Sciences helped relieve my tummy because of the added ginger!

That is a big surprise for me considering that this has BioPerine.

Apart from the usual anti-inflammatory benefits that turmeric supplements should give my knee, this also surprisingly helped keep my skin healthy and clear. More reps in the gym plus glowing skin? Yes, please!

Note that this supplement has an unpleasant peppery smell and taste. BioPerine can also interact with other medications. If you don’t mind the taste or smell, and if you’re not on any other medications, then you should grab this if you’ve got a sensitive stomach and flaky skin!


  • Great for inflammation!
  • Great for healthy skin!
  • Actually helps with stomach problems.


  • Has pepper-y taste and smell.
  • BioPerine can cause negative drug interactions.
  • Rather pricey.

Factors To Consider When Picking The Best Turmeric Supplement

Supplements aren’t just a fad, so don’t expect them to go away soon. That’s because they work! But what separates those on this list from the thousands of other turmeric supplements? Its ingredients, the potency of the turmeric, and, of course, your budget. Check out each factor below to see why these are so important.

Ingredients And Properties

Take BioPerine, for example. It assists our bodies in absorbing the turmeric better.

Bioperine Content

However, because of the possible adverse drug interactions that may happen with the added BioPerine content, you might want to choose the brands on this list. Some factors may make it harder to absorb the turmeric but won’t hinder your health by interacting with any other medication that you may be taking.

Another example would be the added ginger that aids in digestion.

Potency Per Serving

You can always take more capsules a day for higher potency. But, it is still practical to choose the supplement that will offer more in just one pill.

Turmeric Potency

Again, always check the label! It may say 1500 mg, but what it may mean is 1500 per three capsules.

And by then, you’ll find yourself hassled by having to take one capsule three times a day after meals. When in fact, other brands might offer you just one pill a day choice to help make things easier for you.


The price of turmeric supplements vary from $10 or less and way over $30.


It is true that you pay for quality. However, “quality” may mean additional ingredients other than the base turmeric curcumin and BioPerine. And “cheap” may just eliminate BioPerine from the options and offers a regular potency.

For the second time, read the label so you will know what you are getting!


Vimerson Health’s Turmeric Supplement gives us an awesome vegan choice. The supplement dramatically diminishes existing aches in the body, but you can have it at a real bargain price.

Vimerson Health Turmeric Curcumin Supplement

Humans are somewhat fragile creatures. Nearly everything on this earth can kill us. However, Charles Darwin once said “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” And no other statement sums up the human race better!

We get hurt easily, but we’re tenacious enough to figure out ways around our aches like supplements.

Now, whether you’re looking to ease some joint pain and heart problems, or you need an overall boost in your immune system, the Vimerson Health’s Turmeric Supplement is for you! The list of the best turmeric supplements might give you just what you are looking for.