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Protein Shakes Recipes for GOOD Hemp Protein

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Hemp Protein Shake recipes

Hemp Protein Shakes & Drink Recipes

Mixing your protein powder with milk or water can be perfect for a quick fix just after the gym, but mixing them like this day-in, day-out can get a little boring, which is why we have put together a list of the best protein shakes.
Bulking out your shakes with extra fruit or nuts not only gives it a more rounded nutritional profile, but makes it more filling and more of a treat! These smoothies are great for breakfast, or make a delicious desert - whilst still giving you your protein fix.
So here is a collection of our favourite recipes for making delicious hemp protein shakes that we've found, including ones we've discovered from our own experiments, from friends reccommendations, and one's we've adapted from the web.
They are all quick, can be made the day before and stored in the fridge - so you can still get to it soon as you're back form your workout. They are also mess-free - just poor some warm water with washing up liquid into the blender and blend!  

Click on the image below to see the Recipe.

If you have a recipe that should be on this list please get in touch! (full credit will be given, of course).


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