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GOOD Hemp Protein Natural/RAW 2.5kg

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Rich and complete protein isolated from raw hemp seeds, and that's all. 100% Natural protein powder to support a healthy and balanced diet. Designed as a food supplement for weight loss and wellbeing. It can also be used by athletes to aid muscle.



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Grown and Produced in the UK.  47% Protein - ALL 10 ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS. Rich in Omega 3 (with SDA) - Naturally. Only 15% Carbohydrate. Good Fibre content.

  • Free from Gluten
  • Free from Dairy, Lactose & Whey
  • Free from Soya
  • Free from Sugar
  • Free from GMO
  • Free from Hexane
  • Free from Pesticides and Herbicides
  • Free from Additives or Preservatives
  • Certified Kosher
  • Serving scoop included?: YES
  • Ingredients: 100% Natural, British Hemp Protein Powder. And that's all.
  • Serving Size: 30g
  • Suggested Uses: Mix 1 Scoop with 250ml water. Can also be mixed with Smoothies, Juices, Yoghurts, Cereals, Soups or Shakes.
  • Suitable for: Male / Female
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
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by Janindra on 02-Feb-2012

We have been using the 2.5Kg Hemp Protein Natural since November 2011. It lasts about ten weeks with the two of us consuming two scoops twice a day the included scoop is really helpful. If we have it at breakfast time it keeps away the need to snack before lunch, which is great for our self control! We had previously been using the Manitoba brand (Canadian grown), but we could not dream of using their product in the regular way we use Good Hemp s' product besides the fact that its UK grown. Buying it as we do it works out very economical, the balance of Omega 3's combined with high protein has helped to build up my wife since having a Lupus flare two years ago. Although you should give it at least a month of regular use to see the changes.  A great ethically sound quality product from a small local producer worth supporting.
by Robert on 30-Jan-2012

I have tried Good Hemp Protein Raw for the first time.
I was well informed of the health aspects of the product and the organic growing that I´m very pleased with.
Now I also know it taste good  : )
by Kyle on 31-Jan-2012

This stuff is amazing and great value too; I follow a Vegan diet and, since recently giving up soya based products too, rely on hemp as my main source of protein; the powder is simple to mix into water/juice and easy to take, alternatively it can be added in the latter stages of cooking, be it to soups, stir fries or in fact anything (in this regard it is great if you want to thicken up a pasta sauce etc); all in all a great product and unlike comparable organic hemp powders this one will keep up to 6 months from date of opening - just as well, cause the 2.5kg size is massive!!! :-)
by Steve W on 01-Feb-2012

Been buying the natural hemp for years. I sometimes mix with other protein powders but always feel like I'm depriving myself of nutrition if I make a protein shake without hemp! The flavoured varieties are great too, I use them when I'm away from home and don't have my usual ingredients to hand.

Always had a great service/fast delivery etc. Thanks
by Dan B on 08-Feb-2012

I have been strength training for around 4 months, 4-6 times a week and needed more protein as my gains were not as much as I would like.  I don't do well with dairy, and had tried whey proteins in the past, but my gut just does not like whey, and it is not easy to digest. I thought I would give this a go, and have to say that I am pretty impressed. I mix it with oat milk, and it does not taste great in my opinion, but I just added 1 tsp of unsweetened cocoa powder and 1 tsp of fructose and it tastes pretty good. It is also good mixed with smoothie. I have been taking 2 doses of 2 scoops a day, before and after training, and have noticed an immediate gain in my recovery times and strength. Best of all there is no bloating at all, unlike what you get with whey. Glad to buy from a local UK company too!
by Andrew McKay-Lomatschinsky on 09-Feb-2012

I started using this as an alternative to whey protein as I wanted soething cleaner and without cholesterol. I take it 1 hour before workouts and then throughout the day. After 2 weeks I am showing enhanced muscle tone and stamina - very impressed and pleased a what feels like a healthy option. 
by Julie Alexander on 10-Feb-2012

Great Products and great service. Love the fact there are no forms of sugar or sugar substitutes in the hemp natural shake. The shelled hemp seeds are currently my favourite on home made spicy butternut soup! Want to try the Good Hemp milk next.
by Andrew Ketley on 27-Mar-2012

As a vegan doing a fair bit of strength training, I've found hemp powder has made a positive difference to my performance and also to my energy levels during the day. The positive environmental effects of hemp are nice too. Mixes easily, and the natural flavour tastes OK with water and apple juice - much better than the strawberry. I'm sure the empty tubs will come in handy too, but not quite sure what for at the minute :D
by Kewina on 18-Feb-2012

I'm a full time Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (who also surfs and swims) and was looking for an organic product that would top up my calorie/goodness intake in-between classes and keep my energy levels up and am really pleased with this. I would definitely recommend it to my pupils
by Darren Grady on 29-Feb-2012

I is truely amazing stuff i am stronger than when using whey, heathier, and my six pack is showing, tastes bland but you get used to it its only £29.99 on amazon 1 day free delievery just bought mine there
by Marina Mizzi on 29-Apr-2012

 Excellent product. Just one portion a day gives me a lot of energy to exercise.
by Benjamin on 13-May-2012

This hemp protein is a stable in my nutrition program. I developed leaky gut syndrome about six years ago ... and so can't tolerate traditional whey powders. This is the only protein source my body absorbs well. Very happy this company exists.
by Anika Jensdotter on 28-Aug-2012

Amazing customer service and prompt deliery. A quality product. I loved the recipe cards that came with my order. Thanks again!
by Christina Johnson on 10-Oct-2012

I love this product.  It tastes healthy and natural.  The first time I tried it with a well known brand of smoothie I thought it was disgusting.  I then made my own shake using milk, yogurt, honey and strawberries and now I have two of these a day.  I would chose this over chocolate any day which surprises me, but I really enjoy the healthy feeling it gives me, and I no longer have the cravings I used to or the urge to snack for no reason. I love this product
by Liz K on 16-Oct-2012

Fab product...nutitional and great price - great value for money and would recommend - 100% "natural" too :)
by Tom on 17-Oct-2012

Great product, order was processed and delivered quickly. I have been following more of a vegan diet and it's a great way to get all the nutrients you need. Plus it is so easy to use and can be mixed with most things and not affect the flavour. Very pleased.
by Dave UK on 02-Nov-2012

This doesn't taste half as bad as people have said, and also what are expexting - a gourmet meal?! Or a decent healthy, raw protein supplement to help with your fitness goals?
If its the former then I suggest you get some 'Triple Chocolate Fudge Whey Protein With 100% extra refined sugar' blah blah blah - because your obviously not so concerned about the health impact of your product but more so the artificial sugary taste.
Overall a great product and not a bad price either!
by Jason Duncalf on 06-Nov-2012

This product is a great source of protein for me as the ingredients (only one) are completely natural. There's no added sugar and no added flavour. Other protein products that i've tried in the past (whey powder etc) would cause me digestive issues due to additives. Natural Hemp protein is the only one i've been able to stomach!
by STEVE LAWRENCE on 06-Nov-2012

The unflavoured hemp protein tastes good with dairy or non dairy milk. You can add some flavoured syrup if you prefer.
Mixes easy, does have a slight gritty feel but doesnt bother me.
Delivery is fast and on time.
Ordering my next tub now!

by Shashi-Pallu on 06-Nov-2012

*****AMAZING-STUFF!!!!!*****Since myself and my family discovered this stuff around 6 months ago we have been taking it twice a day and have had EXCELLENT results. We found it's best to have a glass with a scoop with breakfast and again with evening meal. Mix well with cold water and have after meal. With it's high fibre content it has been a great help in REDUCING CHOLESTEROL and the high level of omega has helped THICKEN OUR HAIR!! Also knowing that it is grown in the UK and grown naturally and that every part of the plant is used (for building materials etc). The company producing it is very ethical and responsible (from my research) therefore in summary, we feel this product is not only excellent for your health, but excellent for the environment and for the soul. 100% WONDERFUL STUFF. Well done GOOD HEMP team.   
by Seema on 15-Nov-2012

Brilliant product, has really helped to speed up achieving my goal! I love that it is natural and can be mixed into so many things! Also tastes  good! :)
by Kristofer Spyrou on 27-Nov-2012

I train 3-5x times a week and I have been looking for a non-bloating and health benefiting product as a post workout shake. I have been using the product for 2 weeks and must say it is a great product, taste wise its fine with some fruit squash or juice as suggested. The fact it is made of edestin just helps alot when i am recovering from weight training. Fab product ! !
by Michal on 07-Dec-2012

Very good product and good service from GOOD Hemp. What i like about the product is that is pure hemp seed with nothing added or taken away. It's amazing seed with full of protein and all sorts of good things in it. I prefer to mix it with fruit juice or rice 'milk' for easy shake or you can try 'Good kiwi bomb' for something special (look for Recipes section on this website). Highly recommended.
by TTP on 02-Jan-2013

Great product. I am a Vegan and do martial art and weightlifting exercises 5 times a week and have used hemp protein for some time now. I mix it with pea protein and the result seems to work. I recommend. I dont even find the taste too bad, it's not pleasant but OK for me.
by matthew walters on 13-Jan-2013

First time using hemp protein.This was recommanded to me by the instructors in the gym i go too.It tastes nice mixes very well has good high protien and it is 100% natural.If you do your research on the internet or in the gym most people are turning to hemp protien as it is good for you and 100% natural with no crap added like whey protiens. 
by Amaury Watanabe on 25-Jan-2013

by ian harris on 29-Jan-2013

 I ordered Hemp Protein 2.5kg the taste was good, and it works very well, no digestion problems,complete protein, wiil buy again.
Excellent delivery...... 
by Maitre Yoda on 30-Jan-2013

This hemp protein is by fare the best value for money protein I’ve use.It goes down well and doesn’t create the bloating and wind that I’ve experienced with other protein.
It was also very well packaged and quickly delivered.I mix with organic coconut milk,Good hemp seeds, banana,peanut butter and cacao.Top Stuff
by Lucky Fox UK on 03-Feb-2013

Paleo Friendly Protein

As a follower of the Paleo nutrition plan I always found it difficult to find a non-dairy protein that tasted palatable and was not soy based.

GOOD Hemp Protein Natural/Raw is the perfect supplement for my diet with a high and easily digestible protein content. Full spectrum of amino acids and the added bonus of Omega 3.

Perfect product.
by Timothy Hewitt on 09-Feb-2013

Lets get right to it, the taste of this is completely subjective, I think it has a very nutty and earthy taste. Which you are either going to enjoy, knock it back knowing your getting a tonne of the great benefits, or your going to hate it, in which case go and buy a flavoured version!

 am using it daily to supplement my protein intake, mixing it with a sweet almond milk is good or the 'GOOD hemp milk', either produce a more enjoyable drink than with water. I have also achieved some baking success, producing a batch of hemp peanut butter cake bars!

Overall an excellent product, but if you are sensitive about flavour, I would suggest trying some before you buy. 

by Jo Clarke on 15-Feb-2013

Great product, I use for post-phys protein intake and as a top up when I need protein in a meal.  I use sparingly so it lasts ages.
Good to have a natural alternative to all the synthetic stuff out there.
And it's good to boost fibre intake when eating healthily.
by The Terminator on 15-Feb-2013

I love this product.  It's effective, healthy and GOOD value!  The tastiest way I have found to take this shake it blended with a banana (and peanut butter for even more oomph).  This said I don't take it for the taste - lately I've been mixing it just with water.  While it won't win any taste competitions it does what I want it to - provide me with high quality fuel both before and after a workout (and the next day).  If you can stomach it with water, then I recommend mixing it up and leaving it half an hour.  I find it dissolves a little better and you don't get the "bitty" taste when taken immediately.  I'm also glad to support a UK company.  GOOD all the way!!
by Anna Sibirtseva on 28-Feb-2013

My family is vegetarian on strict sugar/milk/wheat free diet. This protein really helps us to stay on this diet and maintain our weight and health. We live in a country where green organic vegetables are very hard to find in winter. Hemp protein is exactly what we needed. Very fast door delivery. 
by Frank on 28-Feb-2013

Amazing product, has really helped to speed up achieving my goal! I really like that it's unsweetened and all natural (i.e. unrefined and without additives). Hint: gourmets should mix it with vegetable juices, you have to get used to the taste if mixing only with water ;-) 
by Max Lansman on 06-Mar-2013

Best value and best quality hemp protein I've ever used.
by Nichola Pattison on 12-May-2013

Bought this product for my partner as he is allergic to dairy and intolerant to soya and other whey powders. He finds this a fantastic shake which he recommends to his personal training clients.
by Michael Rowe on 18-Mar-2013

I started using Good hemp protein last Dec 2012, as a marathon runner and a vegetarian I need Good quality protein, Good Hemp provides this with an amazing 47 grms per 100.

I make my post recovery drink drink with 25 grms of Good Hemp 15 to 20 grms of glucose with C abd a pinch of salt in around 450ml of water depends on the run distance?

I was impressed by the price, very Good value and free delivery over "20.00 order ''Yi' Cannae Whack It''

I'll be back for more and may even experiment with other Good products that would benefit my pre/post training.

Thanks ''Good Hemp''

by Klausi on 26-Mar-2013

I use Hemp Protein befor or after my workout, and I am very satisfied. It's easy to digest (I mix it with real whey), which I can't say about many of the other protein products (I have a very sensitive stomach).
by Lukasz Siwek on 27-Mar-2013

by ROBERT on 24-Sep-2013

Great product (I take it mixed with cranberry and orange juice).
Prompt delivery (on time, with customer-friendly options).

(One thing, the review section could do with a tune-up:
 the chopped-off sentences requiring the scroll bar to be moved,
 which is right at the bottom of the page, not great;
 and I received 17 emails in 13 minutes asking for feedback.)
by Pierre Yves on 23-Apr-2013

I've had problems with whey proteins but the hemp ones are amazing. No adverse reaction whatsoever and the ordering process is very easy and delivery super efficient.
I can't recommend it enough!
by Jon Farrar on 14-May-2013

Great product. .. not bad tasting... I would definitely recommend it!
Fast and reliable service...
by Arlene Mckenzie on 23-May-2013

I find this website good and the hemp protein has been a very welcoming add to my life it works well with fruit juices and i have bought more 
by miles jordan on 07-Jul-2013

Very good product, digests a lot easier than most other protein powders and is good value in this larger size.
by John Fahy on 07-Aug-2013

Good value. Mixes well in smoothies. Best to mix with fruit as the stand alone taste needs to be acquired. No problems with digesting. 
by Billy on 19-Sep-2013

I love hemp protein. In fact I am almost addicted to the stuff. I first tried it through Good Hemp that I saw in my local store. The boost in energy it gave me was so obvious I was hooked. I have never had any digestive problems with other proteins and I have used milk, whey, rice, pea and regularly make up my own combinations of these for different purposes. Hence I usually buy the unflavoured versions. I don't use Hemp because I can't tolerate the other proteins, I use it because I love it. It tastes good and it makes me feel great. Green is Good! Nutritionally it's a pretty good protein. OK it's not as high in protein per gram, nor is it as complete as milk or soy based ones but if you're eating a  mixed diet that doesn't matter. I think the fibre and essential fats are a real bonus- I've seen many a bodybuilder constipated by taking massive and unnecessary amounts of milk/egg protein shakes. I particularly like the fact that Good Hemp is made in the UK, and hemp is an environmentally friendly crop compared to the other protein sources. I find hemp is the most versatile protein- it works in sweet and savoury things. I use it in shakes, yogurt, soups, stews, baking. I had it for breakfast an hour or so ago- apple oat hemp bars with hempy honey yogurt. I'm good and green to go!
OK the texture isn't as smooth or neutral tasting as whey so it doesn't go as well with some flavours, but because I like the flavour of hemp so much there's hardly anything I don't put it into.
I did switch to a cheaper supplier (also UK hemp allegedly) and didn't notice any differnce in the quality of the product. Now Good have reduced their proces on the unflavoured I'm back again. Delivery has always been very fast from Good Hemp and the products comes well packaged, and with a scoop, unlike the budget suppliers. I will certainly order again while the proce remains reasonable and I recommend them to everyone who will listen.
by Ewan on 12-Oct-2013

A wonderful protein for digestive health , 

This hemp protein is great and I highly recommend it !
by Susan Pilkington on 16-Oct-2013

I have been using Hemp Protein powder for 3 years now and it's brilliant!   I'm an older lady who wants to keep fit and strong as long as I can.  I go to a gym and work with weights and was advised to up my intake of protein to build and support muscles.I have a wheat intolerance and avoid sugar and dairy after having digestive problems so hemp is ideal for me.  Also, Good Hemp is grown and processed in this country, providing employment and low mileage - all good!  Keep it coming!
by G S E on 22-Oct-2013

We use the hemp protein in 2 smoothies a day. It gives us so much more energy and reduces the temptation to snack and its great that its grown in the UK.
by keren bigman on 16-Jul-2014

This product is great, breakfast smoothie, low sugar, gets me through till lunch. The web site, as ever, is awkward to use.
by Dara on 30-Nov-2013

I've been using hemp protein in smoothies for over a year now, and I honestly can't imagine giving it up. Originally I wanted to try it to add more protein to my diet while exercising, but now I enjoy having a breakfast smoothie with it even on my non-gym days.

Try this smoothie out, and change quantities to your tastes:
2 scoops of hemp protein
3 tablespoons of organic natural yoghurt (can do without if you're a non-dairy person)
1 tablespoon of organic smooth peanut butter (no added sugar)
0.5-1 frozen banana (frozen is important. cold = tastier)
100-200ml milk (use water if you're non-dairy)

1. Add hemp + yoghurt to container.
2. Scoop out peanut butter and scrape it into container with the frozen banana.
3. Add milk.
4. Blend.
5. God-damn, son - you got yourself a breakfast smoothie.

by David Borgmann on 12-Dec-2013

Very GOOD stuff! 
by EJ KOUKOULOMATIS on 17-Dec-2013

Excellent product full of all the goodness you need whether you are training and need muscle repair, after a good source of protein and amino acids all in one.....fab rubbish in it all pure and in its rawest form!
by z faulkner on 10-Jun-2014

Fast delivery, great value.
by Wild Dog on 10-Feb-2014

Fantastic product, I will not use anything else. On it's own the taste is a little 'rich' but it's so versatile you can add it to anything. I'm happy to support the company too.
by Joanne Page on 23-Feb-2014

Amazing stuff this.  Have used it daily for a year now and it's made a huge difference to my recovery.  
by Running fast on 04-Mar-2014

Love the hemp to me this tastes lovely Forget whey made in the lab Always a top notch service here Why go any where else?
by James Griffiths on 28-Apr-2014

Great tasting, mixes well and, unlike most protein shakes, doesn't induce bloating, gas or intestinal discomfort. Definitely a must purchase in my book!
by David Bradley on 22-May-2014

A fantastic all natural plant protein powder. In my mind the only choice when seeking a complete protein acquired from a natural plant source. A great alternative to everything else on the market. I've been using this product for a while now but always bought it from a local retailer. Buying 2.5kg directly online makes so much sense. Great value and speedy home delivery. It couldn't be easier :)
by dwayne penney on 31-May-2014

have started taking this as i am doing alot of runing at the mo and i did not whant to take any other stuff that was full of chemicals as this is 100% natural i thought i would gie it a try its a bit hard to get used to the taste at first but i mix it with orrange juice or milk to help not sure of the benifits yet as only started to take it but would buy again as is all natural.
by D Ford on 09-Jun-2014

Very impressed so far, I recently started powerlifting again but i was fed up of whey protein. Looked for a clean and natural alternative and it does the job better in my opinion. I usually make a smoothie with a banana and some almond milk and it tastes good, would highly recommend this for those who want to keep there gut in good condition but still receive enough protein for heavy lifts etc. 

by Squiggles on 16-Jun-2014

Tastes great in a smoothie with strawberries, bananas and almond milk. I also add it to porridge and use it for baking. Delicious rich taste and handier than other plant-based protein powders as it has all the essential amino acids. 
by Simon Bayley on 27-Jun-2014

My sister is a nutritionist, and a picky one at that! If she says this Good hemp is the best, then it must be!!
by Clare Gangadeen on 01-Aug-2014

I love this product, just wish they done the Fit Shake in the same size! 
by Susan on 07-Sep-2014

I have been using this daily in my morning smoothie for 6months now and will continue to do so. Keeps me full until lunch and is a great source of protein.
by Ryan on 06-Oct-2014

I have been using protein shakes for years with my gym routine, to maintain weight and size, and had learned to live with the bloating and gas it gave me. However since recently going gluten and dairy free I tried hemp, and I got great results with my weight and NO stomach upsets! Also, buying in bulk it's great value. Highly recommend.
by Duncan Butler on 14-Oct-2014

Cannot fault the product or the service. All highly impressive, and greatly appreciated
by Jimmy C on 05-Nov-2014

I love this product!
by David F on 15-Nov-2014

Absolutely delicious when blended with fruits as a smoothie! By far one of my favourite sources of protein and of course all the other micro and macronutrients associated with it.
by Y Percale on 14-Dec-2014

I’ve been using Good hemp protein twice daily for more than 2 years now and its revolutionised my training. I love it because its high quality, pure, very light and unlike the Soy and Whey powders its realy easy to digest and doesn't lead to bloating bloat. I enjoy it with water or juice and its also great value for money.  

by Craig Walton on 20-Dec-2014

Brilliant stuff. I've been using a mixture of this and the muscle shakes for about a year now and can't fault them.
by William Carter on 27-Jan-2012

Superb wholesome, wholefood product.  Love the fact that it is organically grown in the English West country by conscientious people who seem to love what they are doing and producing.
Only one drawback for me as a health conscious pensioner - it's all just a bit pricey.
(Incidentally, I take advantage of Sainsbury's lower price for the cold pressed 'Good Oil', as I simply wouldn't be able to afford it at the 'Good Oil' website price.. ), but a good quality home grown product...
by Robert Moore on 26-Apr-2012

I've found this product to be better quality than a competitor with more grams of protein per serving and seems to be ground finer so mixes up to a smoother drink. Using this has solved a lot of digestion problems I’d previously had when relying only on whey protein drinks and i seem to recover quicker after heavy training.I've found hemp protein goes best with fruit juices, smoothies containing more sweeter fruits such as banana rather than acidic fruits like orange juice as it is naturally quite bitter, also drinking with only water is not recommended!
by Andrea B on 05-Sep-2012

I really like this product. It is palatable and I've used it in smoothies and to bake with. I find the ordering system to be easy and delivery is relatively quick. 
by Jai Congiu on 11-Oct-2012

I bought this product because, after doing my research, I wanted the nutritional goodness of hemp seed in my body in a quick and convenient way. I'm vegetarian and I wanted a good source of protein along with the essential fatty acids that might otherwise be found in meat products. I mix my powder with rice milk and a tea spoon of cocoa. I find the taste when mixed with water alone is a bit earthy and hard to swallow. I also add the powder to all sorts of foods straight after cooking (like you would seasoning). I also use it in bread making but I'm still in the experimental mode with that because of the concerns of high temperatures denaturing the goodness. I would highly recommend Good Hemp Raw. As with all hemp products, not only is it good for you but it's also good for the planet. I'd give it 5 stars if it tasted better, but it's raw so can't be helped and I wouldn't want anything added anyway. Delivery was next morning so that was brilliant.
by Karen Felix on 26-Oct-2012

I've been using this product with my smoothies as part of my energy/workout regime for 2 weeks now and not only is it quite tasty but my energy levels have improved. I expected it to work anyway, reason being why I invested in such a large amount immediately. Would certainly buy this product in the future and try some other items from your company. 
by Pradeep Lawrence on 14-Nov-2012

Been using this for a good few months now and can't complain too much.  Definitely works but without the side effects of whey.  Tastes like crap with water though, so make sure you mix with something that is (naturally) sweetened.
by Stephanie Moore on 17-Nov-2012

I am a clinical nutritionist and I use Good Hemp protein powder for my own use and I recommend it to lots of my patients. I love this product.
by Paul Timoney on 30-Apr-2013

Awesome product. Have tried other protein powders and all i got was bloated and gassy. No digestion problems here, body loves it.
by jakes dad on 19-Jun-2013

A great healthy product at a good price. Mix with milk twice a day for a nutritious shake. The taste grows on you, but could always add extras, fruits etc. Offers a good amount of veg protein as well as other benefits. Highly recommended.
by Andrew on 09-May-2013

Great product, great service.  I guess it's a bit of an acquired taste as its a bit dry and earthy though I became accustomed to it after using it a few times, and now rather like it.  I mix it in with my porridge oats each morning and it can carry me through to lunchtime if I don't get time for elevenses - very satisfying and easy on the digestion
by Marc Hankel on 17-May-2013

I've already ordered 3 x 2.5kg containers of the "Natural Hemp Protein". That's means that I'm really pleased with this product from Good Hemp.
I mix my hemp protein with orange juice and water and it's delicious. Sometimes I add some stevia to make it sweeter but that's all.

Thank's to Good Hemp I've said goodbye to the artificial stuff!

Keep up the good work!

All the Best
by Blade Soho on 06-Sep-2013

Great product for a vegan source of protein. Raw, clean and cosnsistent (been using it for half a year now). Would rate it 5 stars, but the lack of food safety seal on the tub makes it a 4. Every time it gets delivered, a solid amount of powder unevitably gets spilled upon the first opening. Please add the seal!
by Josie Pegg on 22-Nov-2013

I'm so much happier using Hemp than any other form of protein, it's filling without being bloating and I definitely feel good on it. The taste was a grower and the texture is a bit weird if you just make a drink with water, but it makes great smoothies.
by Will Dalrymple on 09-Feb-2014

I bought this when the one with strawberry was out of stock, and now am regretting that. I love the provenance of the stuff, and its constituents, and cost is good value, but would definitely consider the plain version a mixer rather than a drink in its own rigt, but having said that i will still finish the whole bottle.
by kirsty robson on 01-Apr-2014

My husband and I wanted to give the hemp protein diet a go. Firstly, to try and lose weight, and secondly to aid in our health and wellbeing. I personally didn't like the taste, so think i will try the diet strawberry shake instead. However, my husband likes it, and has lost 10lbs in 3 weeks since using the hemp protein. Therefore, we are very pleased with the product, and works out cheaper than other protein diet shakes (body by vi..etc). 
by Andrew Weaver on 07-Aug-2014

Great Product.

Tastes as expected but gets results. Less sugar and fat then other 'sweet' alternatives with the natural amino's and omegas.

Keeps you lean and helps develop muscle well.

I use daily :)

by Newbers on 24-Oct-2014

Have been buying this product for a couple of years now. Always very swift delivery, product reliably good.
by The GOOD Team on 22-Dec-2011


Please feel free to leave your reviews, we want to hear from you so that we can make our protein range even GOODer!

Here are some reviews from our old website: 
"its about time someone finally started harvesting and selling hemp protein in England ,the benefits of this are endless as i am sure you are aware. I have purchased a couple of your items and cant wait to try them . Good luck in the future and a happy Christmas to all ....yours G S Brandon"
by Rachel Haaland on 30-Jan-2012

I love this powder!  It doesn't add a bad flavor to my smoothies, and it's really smooth so even if I don't have a lot of things in my smoothie, it's not unpleasant to drink.  The only complaint I have is that the scoop sizes are not the same in all of the containers.  I originally had the 500g container, and the scoop is a smaller size than the scoop in the 2.5kg container, yet the nutrition facts still say the same (2 scoops=30g=nutrition facts/serving).  That would be my only complaint, the product came quickly and ordering was easy.
by H Lawless on 29-Nov-2012

I started with low expectations and I am DELIGHTED with this product. It doesn't taste vile and I expected it to!  I really am pleased because you can make it taste sweet or savory. Mixing it with a bit of apple juice and more water makes it sweet enough.  Adding it soup is wonderful.  It is a subtler taste than I expected, reminds me a bit of sunflower seeds.

I am relieved I can get the protein and not worry about dairy or the estrogen effect of soy. I also have enough in this big container to share with friends who are interested in trying it.  I still haven't found the scoop yet, but truth be told I haven't dug deep inside there looking around for it.

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100% Natural, British Hemp Protein Powder. And that's all.

Suggested Uses

Mix 2 scoops with 250ml water or GOOD HEMP milk

Can also be mixed with smoothies, juices, yoghurts, cereals, soups or shakes. You could also use it in bread and cakes!

Nutritional Info


GOOD Hemp Natural Protein - 100% Natural

 per 100grper 30gr servings
Energy370 Kcal111Kcal
of which Sugar (not added)5.4g1.6g
of which Saturates1.4g0.4g
of which Monounsaturates1.5g0.5g
of which Omega 91.5g0.5g
of which Polysaturates9.7g2.9g
of which Omega 32.3g0.7g
of which Omega 67.4g2.2g

Amino Acid Profile

 per 100gr per 100gr


Aspartic Acid4.5gPhenylalanine*1.8g
Glutamic Acid7.7gSerine2.2g
Histidine*1.3gTyrosine *1.4g
Isoleucine*  1.1gTryptophan*0.4g

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